Summary of guangzhou exhibition

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CIFF is the largest furniture exhibition in Asia. In the past year, we have made many new friends, Shared new 
market information, and cooperated with each other to update and develop new products for the market.
The following are the photos of our participation in the exhibition, so you can feel the atmosphere of the exhibition:
This is the location of the exhibition:

Preparation in front of the booth:

Our booth front desk:

Products at our exhibition:

These products are the current fashion styles, bright colors, simple lines, highlighting the elegant atmosphere 
of modern home furniture, highlighting the professional business office furniture.
Our team style:

Each exhibition is to our experience, each exhibition can let us learn more, baizhuo performance in each exhibition
is more and more wonderful, I hope baizhuo not only in the exhibition, in the future development of a step by step, 
to create our century-old brand.