New year wishes from bizoe

Release time: 2019-02-01 11:57 Browse volume:1610

Spring returned, fresh starts for everything. On the occasion of the resignation of the old and the new, Luoyang Bizoe Office Furniture Co., Ltd.

pays high tribute to the customers and the people of the whole country who have always cared and supported us, and will give you a good year!
In the past year, we have focused on product quality, serving customers, serving after-sales, and building a century-old brand as the core of our

work, in order to develop our culture and enhance our overall image. 
It is our mission to build a boutique brand, and to deepen customer communication, enhance customer friendship, unity and cooperation, and

common development, aiming at serving customers, creating a good purchasing experience for customers, adhering to the law and operating,

and carefully creating the concept of Bizoe culture. set up a common home for office furniture.
Forecast for 2019, we will continue to confront many challenges, turning difficulties into opportunities and seeking more new developments.

Therefore, we must work hard to adapt to the new normal of the office furniture market, be determined to reform and enterprising, scientifically

integrate resources, actively innovate, promote the further development of the furniture industry, create green furniture, ensure the environmental
 protection of furniture, strengthen the integrity of the industry, promote the prosperity of the furniture market, and comprehensively carry out New

training activities enable our employees to learn better.
The old age has been exhibited in thousands of brocades, and the new year has entered a hundred feet. Let us join hands and invest in the

upcoming 2019 with a new spirit and high morale. At this time of the festival, our company(Bizoe)wishes you all have the working smoothly in

the new year, a happy family and more spicy the better career!
thank you all!