Back to work

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The spring break was over. No matter how the holiday, we have to heart, to set foot on the journey to start the dream. In 2019,

we should not only be dreamers, but also take actions to pursue our dreams.As the saying goes, a year's plan begins in spring,

so how to effectively adjust the holiday syndrome as soon as possible after the holiday? Here are some suggestions for you:
1. First, holiday card is the first performance of a sleep disorder, during holidays, visit friends and relatives, plus all sorts of meals,

be busy to didn't go to bed for a long time, before the normal work of the first two days to make his return to normal time to rest,

so after work will quickly adapt to the work of time, there will not be very tired.
2. After the New Year, it will be march, and after 19 years, it will be three months. At this time, you have to make a plan for yourself.
3. When we come to the office, the first thing we should do is to clean our desks and return to the state when we left before the Spring

Festival, that is, the state of work. A clean and tidy office can also bring us into the state of work quickly.
4.After the holiday, there may be many things to do in the beginning, or there may be things left before the Spring Festival. At this time,

you should make a plan for yourself, and follow the plan step by step.
5.It may be difficult to get back to a normal state in a day. Don't worry, just take your time and get used to it a little every day. It will

take you a week to get used to it.
6.Finally remind everyone is, in the holiday to eat too much greasy food, the normal work, it is necessary to eat some light vegetables,

to prevent gastrointestinal diseases.
Finally, BIZOE company wish you all to start construction, and create more success!