Put your office furniture back on a pedestal mobile cabinet, Spring’s on its way!

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It’s been a tough few months gloomy weather-wise, so odds on your office and office furniture have been a haven at times. 
But as the sun now starts to occasionally shine through the window again, one can begin to notice that things have become
a little drab. 
So is now the time for a bit of a pick-me-up? What would you say to a spring clear-out of those tired bits of office furniture? 
We reckon it’s very possible the only answer to that is YES!
If you’ve accepted that the gorgeous sunlight we mentioned above is a bit of a double edged sword, then taking steps to 
stop the dust, cobwebs and clutter from getting you down is the best thing you can do. 
However, if your office chairs are showing a bit of fuzz, your office storage is bursting at the seams, or your office 
desks are gathering stationery clutter at a rate of knots, take heart… it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to start again.
Sometimes it’s just a matter of picking out the bad bits and slotting in some nice new pieces instead.
So if you’re not looking to do a full revamp, what sort of office furniture tweaks could you make to pep things up?

Have a look around at your office furniture now…
First things first, you need to decide what an office furniture spring audit is going to achieve. It’s unlikely to mean 
that you need to ditch everything and start again, but a review of office storage once the clutter has gone, for example, 
might help you be more organized in future.
And then what about stuff other than your workstations, office desks and office chairs? Is anything catching your eye? Are 
·         Any pedestals that have lost a castor wheel?
·         Any broken drawers in your filing cabinets?
·         Any damaged bookshelves being propped up?
·         Any lockable office cupboards that no longer lock?
Now’s the time to ask those questions, list what needs changing, and get it sorted. Nothing looks better than new things 
basking in spring sunshine. So…
Bizoe Office Furniture Pre-Spring Challenge!
Why not get focused on getting organized? Get things going today. Put that old pedestal out to pasture and replace it with 
something purpose built, robust, and new. Get rid of those piles of files that can’t be put away because a drawer is broken,
and fix yourself a filing cabinet ASAP. Ban broken bookshelves and pursue a policy of no-propping. Accept that you’re never
going to find that lost key and replace your lockable cabinets with new ones.
Remember, office furniture that’s purpose built for a function saves you time, energy, and distraction. So making these 
changes now will put your staff in a better mood, improve their efficiency, and lead to vastly enhanced customer service.
Like the sound of that? Give us a ring and we’ll help you put your clean office back on a pedestal!