Maintain Tips for Steel Office Furniture

Release time: 2018-11-01 11:59 Browse volume:1561

  1. Clean up the Dust:
The dust should be cleaned frequently, basically 2 times a week, because the dust will be accumulated at the surface

of steel furniture day by day. Therefore, it is better to use the cotton textiles 100% to clean. Special warning, please do

NOT use a sponge or a kitchenware to do the cleaning.

  1. Moisture-proof: 
Although Common epoxy coating steel furniture has antirust function, some necessary points are still needed. For example,

try to not place steel furniture in the moist environment, such nearby water. If furniture surface get wet, please dry it soon.

If you the environment is humid, such as locker at swimming pool center, collection box at balcony, kindly please talk with sellers to

get better advice, to choose better powder coating type at first place.

  1. Scratch:
Steel office furniture surface is well treated to look shining, even the flat, textured surface. The surface is complete.

Please try to avoid scratching on the cabinet, when it happens, please use a repair sprays to mend it. Because the

rusting and oxidation will occur when the steel plate exposes in the air.

  1. Clean:
If furniture is stained with ink, juice, oil, blood, please using the clean damp cloth or towel to clean the furniture directly

or clean with little neutral detergent. Do not use strong chemical cleaning, or the surface will be damaged.

  1. Gloss:
If the steel surface is getting dull, please use a clean dry cloth with little powder to wipe the surface of steel. Do not use

steel-wire to clean.
Take care of your steel furniture, and it will accompany you much longer.