BIZOE Seven Anniversary

Release time: 2017-08-22 17:22 Browse volume:2155

August 8, 2017 was the 7th anniversary of BIZOE company


 As a founder of BIZOE, our dearest fellows, in the day of August 8, the moment that all sorts of feelings mixed together;

accompanied by BIZOE seven years, all sweating, with joy, in the pursuit of excellence in quality, create century brand corporate

slogans, cautious and attentive in their job, that's our most lovable people.

  In this great festival of the BIZOE in the celebration by foreign business, beauty dance combinations for all opened the prelude

of the celebrations, with the enthusiasm of their dance for everyone to create a youthful, playful atmosphere:


Awards for outstanding employees

General manager's speech

The celebrations came to an end in laughter, in memory of the forgotten, and also for a new journey, BIZOE the best achievements of brilliant!