Is steel office furniture rusting?

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The application rate of steel office furniture is extremely high, because it is durable and affordable.Therefore, it is loved by consumers. 
The commonly used steel office workers have file cabinets, lockers, shelves, bookshelves, security cabinets, activity cabinets, steel wood 
Desk and so on. However, many people are worried that steel office furniture is prone to rust. So today, Bizoe office furniture will tell 
everyone about the problems they are worried about.
First of all, the raw material for the production of steel office furniture is cold-rolled steel plate.The steel plate itself is easy to rust.
However, in order to solve this problem and improve the service life of steel office furniture manufacturers, the surface electrostatic spray
 technology is adopted. The rust process not only prevents the steel from rusting due to the steel, but also reduces the dust adsorption caused
 by static electricity. Secondly, steel office furniture is not easy to rust when it is put into normal use in the market, so why does steel 
office furniture produce rust? In fact, in the process of using steel office furniture,the surface peeling and peeling will be caused by the 
moving bump. Once the protective layer is sprayed,the steel plate inside the steel office furniture is prone to rust due to the contact with 
the air.bizoe reminds everyone that in the process of using or moving steel office furniture, we must pay attention to the occurrence of bumps,
 do not think that it is steel can be used casually. As long as the spray on the surface is not damaged, steel office furniture will not rust.
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