The First Outdoor Team Building

Release time: 2017-06-26 11:09 Browse volume:2248

  BIZOE's first outdoor team building training was held on June 23, 2017 in Luanchuan, Chongdugou, where the training was designed to stimulate the potential of sport and develop the culture of sunshine, helthy and teamwork. The main activities of this event content is through the form of collective game team, sharpen the will, cultivate one’s taste, to stimulate the potential, go beyond oneself, to create a team to win.

Splendid moment share:

In the specified time over 4 meters 2 escape wall, many people think that this is impossible to complete the challenge, but in the end we use the method of folding walls, stepping on the base of a small partner willing to shoulder beat the task we can not accomplish throughout the challenge, let us know that a good team must have unity, trust and collaboration.

The two-day outreach training in everyone's cheers and cries in the successful conclusion of the process of laughter, tears, sweat, tenacious struggle, struggling confrontation, sincere cooperation, and ultimately, we really realized the goal of self recognization , challenge themselves, beyond self,  smelt a strong,  united team of outstanding. Everyone has learned a lot, hope that we can expand the training of the spirit into the work to go, to create a better self and more outstanding team.